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Our Vision

Vision for a Sustainable and Successful Invermere

An integrated community sustainability plan (ICSP) is a long-term vision and plan that guides the community toward a more sustainable future. It involves a long-term vision, collaboration among the community, and integration of systems and solutions. Invermere’s ICSP is called Imagine Invermere.


The creation of the Imagine Invermere ICSP involved the development of a shared vision that describes what a successful and sustainable community would look like. Invermere has chosen the year 2030 as the year in which it has made tremendous strides in its journey towards sustainability, so our vision of Invermere is for the year 2030.


Objectives & Priorities

Invermere has adopted four Sustainability Objectives that it is striving for in any planning and decisions for the community.


Invermere has also identified four priorities for the community:


1 Protecting the Environment

2 Ensuring Economic Viability

3 Enriching Community Life

4 Partnering for Success


These four priorities have been the four areas that have framed much of Invermere’s thinking and planning over a number of years, and will now be formalized in Imagine Invermere.

Strategy Areas

Along with these four priorities, Invermere has identified nine strategy areas that need to be addressed and integrated in the ICSP. These strategy areas encompass the range of issues faced by Invermere, and address them as interdependent systems. For example, to deal with impacts of traffic, we need to look at transportation as a system (public transit, moving goods, roads and pathways, street lighting, etc), not just the issue of traffic congestion. These are the nine strategy areas identified for Invermere:


  • Buildings and Sites
  • Community and Individual Health
  • Economy and Work
  • Education and Leisure
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Land Use and Natural Areas
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Water and Waste Systems


Review the Strategy Areas

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